Special Cables

SABA Engineering  Group, professional in supplying special and   High-tech industrial cables, further to its long career in producing and supplying special  cables domestically and globally and with getting advantages of several warehouses in Tehran and Shiraz.

SABA Group is one of the leading worldwide supplying a wide range of cables, wires, special cables, High Technology Cables, network cables, fiber optic cables, cables accessories and integrated solution.

The company has been able to maximize its commitment to improve efficiency by ensuring that its management possess the expertise and talent necessary for the most critical business needs and has thus succeeded in maintaining a solid financial position.

The special cables catalogue illustrates the wide range of special cables we have, including power, instrumentation, Control, Thermocouple Cables, Fire Alarm, Fire Resistance, LAN, Coaxial, Telephone, Automotive and Harmonized Cables.

SABA GROUP started its activity aimed at accelerating special cable supplying for projects and now relying on its expert personnel and financial capacity of its investors and by using available facilities is one of the main references for special cables in Iran and supplies the following cables for users as soon as possible.






SABA Engineering Group, supplies a comprehensive range of marine & offshore cable for use shipboard wiring, offshore platforms, and other at-sea installations for oil drilling and production. These cover power, control, signal, instrumentation and communication applications and with getting advantages of several warehouses in Tehran and Shiraz.


Our marine cables are designed to perform in extremes of temperatures, both high and low, and to be resistant to adverse elements such as humidity, oil, acid, muds and salt water, as are prevalent in most marine and offshore operational environments. They are manufactured in accordance with a number of British Standards, including BS6883 (fixed wiring in ships, and on mobile and fixed offshore units), BS7655 (insulation and sheathing materials for ships’ wiring and offshore applications), and BS7917 (fire resistant cables for fixed wiring in ships and on mobile and fixed offshore units). They also comply with a wide range of International Standards, including IEC 60092 (electrical installation in ships) and IEC 60331 (fire resistant cables), the Norwegian standard NEK606 (halogen free or mud resistant cables for offshore installation), and certification bodies including Germany’s Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


These marine and shipboard cables often have naming conventions which identify the properties of the cable itself, for example BFOU and RFOU cables where 'B' identifies the insulation and sheathing material as a flame resistant variant of the halogen-free ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) that RFOU cables are constructed using.

In addition to our standard marine cable range, including the UX earth cable, the Cable Lab® designs and develops bespoke cables for specific project applications, including submarine cables capable of withstanding environmental rigours and subsea water pressures.